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The Smarter Way To Run Your Restaurant

Simple and Affordable

Secure and Easy to Use

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Cloud Based easy to use solution for Restaurants

Serve your customer fast and without hustle

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Supports 4G

Supports Wi-Fi

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Operators who monitor costs can save 2% - 5%
or more on their bottom line
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Do you know how much a slice of cake costs?

Recipe Costing

Recipe Costing

Android Restaurant Point of Sale

Cirrus POS was developed to help with recipe costing and inventory management. If you feel lost when it comes to knowing your costs, you’re not alone. Knowing your costs can save you 2% -5% on your bottom line.

Menu Engineering

Menu Engineering

Android Restaurant POS

Creating menu items for your is easy to strategically construct menu items to maximize profitability in your restaurant using our proprietary software application. Every menu items it tied to recipes and modifiers making sure your inventory levels are recorded in real time.

Restaurant Inventory

Restaurant Inventory

Android Restaurant POS Software

Our will not only track your inventory it will also allow you to create purchase orders, receive inventory from purchase orders, and change inventory levels based on actual sales using Cirrus POS.

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Restaurant Point of Sale Customers

Restaurant POS


Featured Cirrus Point of Sale – $1,800

Cirrus Point of Sale Software, Samsung Galaxy Tab® Pro 10.1 16GB (Wi-Fi), Black, POS enclosure, Cash draw, Star TSP 100 Printer, ID Tech Credit Card Swipe, Verizon Jetpack™ 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot MiFi, and Star WiFi power pack.

Customers Feedback

The system is incredibly simple and easy to use. It’s amazing to see my inventory levels adjust immediately after I ring up a sale on Cirrus POS. The back office automation is incredible I can access reports for one or all of my locations quickly anytime anywhere. Cirrus POS identified the menu items that were loosing money and the ones that were extremely profitable. Since I’ve started to use Cirrus POS, I’m saving 12-15% on my bottom line.