CirrusPOS Restaurant System

Point of Sale Management Software

Restaurant management software built to streamline operations and reduce labor costs.

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Winners of the Miami Herald Business Plan Challenge

Built, planned, and programmed by restaurant operators

The only way to build a functional point of sale with a powerful back end is to build it yourself, so that’s what we did. No one knows the restaurant and franchise business like actual operators.

Customize and cost just about everything.

Why Are We Different?

We didn’t build just a restaurant point of sale. We built a mobile restaurant management software application using best practices, streamlined day-to-day operations, automated procedures, integrated accounting, and analytical reporting.

Keeping Prime Cost In Check

If your restaurant is your body, then prime cost would be the heart of your operations. Just like any heart you need to make sure it’s always at a healthy beat exercised weekly. The prime cost report will allow you to check your operations health daily and weekly with CirrusPOS. If your percentages are too high, then you need to make correction on the fly not one month after you’ve realized it’s too late. This is what CirrusPOS offers our users. The ability to keep the pulse of your business real time. Our prime cost report allows users to view daily sales, purchase, inventory levels and labor in one easy to ready report.

STEP 1 - Create Recipes

Define and Organize Recipes

Before building out your restaurant, hiring staff and opening your doors to serve customers you need to understand your costs. This begins by building out recipes that will be used in your restaurant. CirrusPOS has a powerful back office suite to help manage your recipes using best practices. Once all your recipes are documented and organized it’s time to begin creating menu item to get your plate costs.


STEP 2 - Create Menu Items

Analyze Plate Costs

Once you have your recipes and sub recipes created. It’s time to combine those recipes with inventory items to begin the plating process to get a final costs. For example, call in handmade burger patties, burger buns, add 4 ounces of fries, and include a drink to complete the menu item. Our software will calculate your cost and suggest a price to keep low food cost and large margins.


STEP 3 - Modifiers and Substitutes

Don’t Loose Profits

Don’t loose money on modifiers or substitutes. Every penny counts and our software will make sure you have covered your costs when allowing modifiers and substitutes. Our software will help adjust inventory real time time as items are added, subtracted and substituted to give you true cost at the end of each day. How much did you save on items that were removed for the menu item or how much did you make on that substituted item? These are just some of the saving our software will track for you behind the scenes.


STEP 4 - Your POS is ready!

Streamlined Operations

You’re at the home stretch! Now that you’re menu items are final and have assigned categories it’s time to see them in color using our CirrusPOS android restaurant application. Our software will automatically organize your menu items on our app to look and feel like a real point of sale system and not just some app that has items with no true back office functionality. You can always rearrange, change colors or add images to CirrusPOS restaurant point of sale. This is how a point of sale should be setup using best practices. Start by building out recipes, add modifiers, substitutes, and combos, then review it on our restaurant POS screen.


Build it and View it!

Our restaurant pos system was built to allow our users to modify menu buttons based on their operations. Most restaurant point of sales requires programming knowledge to change buttons, add modifiers, change pricing and multiple restaurant locations have to pay for each location that requires these type of changes. CirrusPOS built a responsive point of sale system to manage content easily with an intuitive front-end web editor, change colors, buttons, pricing within minutes. No programming required to add modifiers, substitutes, or combos. Use our proprietary web portal to build responsive and intuitive menu items.

Restaurant Point of Sale

You’re in control! Layout your categories and create shortcuts.


Management Access

Access the management screen without having to exiting.


Unlimited Modifiers

Enter as many modifiers needed and attach costs.


Combos and Modifiers

Create combos with forced modifiers.


Detailed Order Screen

Add modifiers, substitutes, and increase quantities.


Full Payment Screen

Full payment screen with splits and multiple payment types.


    Control access for each employee in your organization, each employee gets a log in so they can see their hours and what catering events they where on and what they got paid on each event. You can allow page and section permissions so they can see only what you allow.


    Restaurant Accounting + Back Office + Above Store Reporting + Catering + Franchising + Dashboards. One unified cloud-based platform that runs in your browser on your Mac, PC, tablet and mobile devices


    Cost out recipes using vendor item, include labor and materials all of which affects the bottom line. Custom units allow for defining vendor items using custom measurements; for example, #10 cans.


    Scale recipes, sub recipes, and menu items by portion or percentage. CirrusPOS allows you to quickly scale items by simply selecting the item from a list. Once an item is selected simply enter the values.


    Know the true costs related to each item on your menu item or plate cost. Compose a menu or plate item for your menu and track the cost as items are finalized. Instantly, publish that menu item to CirrusPOS.


    Create catering packages and cost each package out including food items, labor, and materials. Once a package is created instantly add it to CirrusPOS and take catering orders right from your restaurant point of sale.


    Restaurant Accounting + Back Office + Above Store Reporting + Catering + Franchising + Dashboards. One unified cloud-based platform that runs in your browser on your Mac, PC, tablet and mobile devices


    CirrusPOS works with HotSchedules and Deputy integrating employees, rates, and hours worked. The data is synced with the CirrusPOS portal displaying employer vs sales cost and revenue earned.


    Understanding your purchases will help with getting rebate programs from your food vendors leveraging your purchasing power. Automatically update vendor pricing and tracking costs analysis of your menu items.


    Set up email reminders for annual catering events or birthdays; include, monthly promotions and events at each of your locations. Improve sales on slower days by send coupons on the spot.

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