Beautifully Designed, User Friendly and Powerful

Developed for the back of house and desinged for the front of house

Partners and Integrations

Point of Sale Management Software

Restaurant management software built to streamline operations and reduce labor costs

Manage Multiple Locations

CirrusPOS was built to manage operations with multiple levels from multi-unit stores to complex franchises. Permissions allow the restaurant or franchise owner to only show data relevant to the user logging into CirrusPOS portal.

Menu Costing

Create fully costed menu items using sub recipes, recipes, and finished goods to understand profitability and get alerts when menu items become unprofitable based on vendor price changes. Save more by pricing menu items accurately.

Recipe Costing

Understanding the recipe cost is the first step to getting your menu items priced correctly. CirrusPOS offers a complete cost breakdown going multiple levels from sub recipes, recipes, finished goods, and menu items allowing real time food usage.

Inventory Management

Track all your inventory from a centralized location and track food usage real time allowing you to act immediately. Help improve food costs by understanding current inventory, comparing theoretical against usage. Track waste as it happens during the sales process.

Purchasing and Receiving

Intelligent purchasing at your fingertips. Save money by preventing over or under ordering and get price changes prior to being invoiced by your vendor. CirrusPOS uses pars and historical usage to setup suggested purchase orders helping to save on your bottom line.

Robust Reporting

CirrusPOS tracking and reporting give you practical insights to the Front of House and Back of House online from our platform. Allowing operators to be proactive instead of reactive to changing conditions within your operations.

Track Royalties

Simplify and accurately track royalties through real time sales to get paid on time. CirrusPOS automates the tedious task of recording sales data, producing royalty reports, customized royalty statements, and keeping the accounting transactions clean and simple.

Online Ordering

Simple and convenient online ordering system taking right from the point of sale. Allow your guest to order from home, office or on the go. Any changes made to menu items from the CirrusPOS portal updates the online web page instantly. Modifiers and allowable substitutes are available and sent to the kitchen insuring there are no mix-ups.