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At CirrusPOS our primary focus has been and always will be to empower the restaurant owners of all sizes. We zeroed in on developing powerful costing tools for the back of house, and later developed the front of house tools with a strong base. Developing exactly opposite from all our competitors. We knew without a strong backend the front of house would only have a glorified calculator. We made decision early on to automate systems, provide excellent customer support, and do the heavy lifting for our customers. Allowing our customers to do what they do best like managing their kitchen, engaging customers, and training staff.

Started 2010 and Founded 2017

Restaurant operators understand the frustration of managing a restaurant with tools that were not built by restaurant operators. As restaurant owners, we faced those same issues. The legacy software point of sales was costly and amounted to nothing more than glorified cash registers, so we needed to buy multiple software applications to try and connect the dots of our business. We had enormous spreadsheets that took up to 20 minutes to run all the macros and could not be in trusted to just anyone to use antiquated systems that were difficult to use. Robert had enough and began work on a cloud-based costing system that was user friendly and powerful to run multiple units. The cloud-based software is known as www.recipe-costing.com and grew overnight. Robert enlisted Gaurav a senior software engineer, Chris a successful franchisor, and John a veteran network systems engineer to brainstorm on a point of sale using the www.recipe-costing.com platform. Robert, Gaurav, Chris, and John first launched www.recipe-costing.com as a restaurant management software application with over 3,500 users globally.

Initially they tried to integrate it with existing point of sale programs and realized none of the point of sales systems were built for true costing and inventory, so began our journey to develop and deploy a point of sale that made sense to the restaurant operator. The point of sale had to be user friendly, accessible from anywhere, easily manage multiple units, menu costing, recipe costing, inventory management, purchasing, receiving, and robust reporting. In 2016, we partnered up with Verifone Carbon 10 believing this would be the opportunity to corner the market with an all-in-one point of sale, and powerful back office suite. Unfortunately, the Verifone Carbon 10 hardware was not released as production units causing us to lose a year of programming for a single hardware platform. This experience made us change our business strategy and we decided to become agnostic working with top hardware provides like HP and Elo. CirrusPOS is focused in our hometown Miami, FL and quickly growing our market share at home. As we get more restaurants in Miami, we plan on expanding our footprint in Florida then outside of our state.

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