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What is CirrusPOS?

Restaurants are struggling financially or failing in large numbers surprisingly many of them server amazing food with exceptional service. Whether you are a single unit operator or large multi-unit franchise the restaurant industry continues to rely heavily on manual processes and make decisions using outdated data. CirrusPOS is the gateway to streamlining operations and automating many day-to-day operations.

Why CirrusPOS?

We understand this business and collectively we have over 50 years of restaurant experience from working in restaurants to owning restaurants and franchising restaurants. We developed an online platform that began with the back office of a restaurant’s operations to the point of sale. This is significant since most point of sales ignore the back office creating a major disconnect.

What does CirrusPOS do?

CirrusPOS closes the gap between sales to the back office operations of any restaurant. It is the easy and most automated way to track sales and operational costs. It allows the restaurant owners to easy explore deliveries and catering to increase revenues.Our software was built for restaurant operators to save on their bottom line with minimal data entry.

All your data in one place

This is especially important for restaurant operators as they grow their business. The CirrusPOS platform allows restaurant operators to manage multiple locations with a single login. View all your sales as one company or drill down to each location to see individual performances.

Restaurant franchising made easy

The CirrusPOS platform tacks all franchises from a single login. View the numbers on a global scale or individual franchisees. CirrusPOS tracks royalties daily and has the ability to pull royalties daily from the franchisees accounts or merchant processors to avoid the end of month payments removing audits. This process benefits the franchisor and franchisees.

Update pricing

When an operator has multiple restaurants updating pricing can be a nightmare. With the CirrusPOS platform pricing updates can be sent to each location within minutes by updating the master location. This includes recipes and menu items.

Software Features

  • Combos
  • Modifiers
  • Substiutions
  • Recipe Converter
  • Recipe and Menu Costing
  • Nutritional Labels
  • POS and Scheduling Integration
  • Perpetual Inventory Management
  • Purchase Order Entry and Invoice Receiving
  • Waste Management
  • Finished Goods
  • Production and Prep List
  • Transfer of Inventory between locations
  • Cash and Sales Integration
  • Commissary Management
  • Reporting and drill-down
  • Dashboards and alerts
  • Multi-currency and Multi-language support
  • Enterprise and white labeling version available
  • Powerful reporting

Prototype process

CirrusPOS has been built to be as lean as possible for a better user experience. We decided to work with Samsung hardware and the Android OS. It provides a stable platform at a low cost to the operator.

Risk and challenges

The technical risk for this unit is very low. CirrusPOS is built upon a stable Android OS and we have over 20 years of software development. Before launching it, we began testing our prototypes in restaurants to reduce software issues and bugs. More importantly, this allowed us to enhance many features. The only risk is scheduling. Negotiations are underway with suppliers to ensure that components can be available in sufficient quantities to meet the schedule.There is a small chance that the schedule might be delayed by a few weeks. We will keep everyone updated on delivery.