Restaurant Franchise Management

CirrusPOS unites all franchisees under one point of sale and back office suite

Restaurant Franchise Management

CirrusPOS cohesive restaurant franchise management platform allows franchisors to view enterprise wide operations from a single logon. Franchisor can push down sub recipes, recipes, and menu items easily allowing the franchisee to tie ingredients to their vendor costs.

Robust Reporting

Franchisors can leverage purchasing power based on franchisee wide sales through analytical reports. Automate royalty reports based on daily sales and pull royalties from franchisee credit card sales in some cases avoiding costly audits. All transactions are tracked and reported on the franchisor and franchisee levels.

Improved Communications

Streamline communications using CirrusPOS point of sale and our back-office suite to proactively help franchisees that may be struggling with sales, food costs or inventory management. Setup alerts when franchisees sales fall or their costs are too high.

Franchise CRM Software

Leverage customer engagement, oversee franchise wide marketing effort, and share customers as they travel to other franchisee locations. Improve customer rewards by tracking their purchases at any of the franchisee locations.